How To Fix Not Registered On Network In Android Phones

Here I fixed Not Registered On Network in Android phones, mostly error occur in Samsung mobile phones. This solution is worked for all android mobile phones.

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34 thoughts on “How To Fix Not Registered On Network In Android Phones

  1. I have been trying to fix this for days, tried lots of methods (without rooting my phone) took it to a phone shop who has flashed the rom and tried several things but all failed.
    i was just looking at buying a new phone when i watched this video.
    guess what? worked first time and was such an easy fix.
    thank you so much

  2. I'm trying to fix my samsung galaxy. It's from Metro PCS, and what happen was that hurricane Irma came yesterday and I lost power at my house but it came back. Next thing is that i tried to send a text message to my girlfriend and it wouldn't send because of no network. And then I tried to call my grandmother but it keep on saying "Not Registered On Network". Can you please help me????

  3. when i click on network mode … mine doesnt even come up with that it comes up with 4G/3G/2G (auto connect) 3G/2G ( auto connect ) 3G only and 2G(voice calls and SMS only ) why????

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