Find your lost or stolen android phone using UniQ Mobile Finder-Anti Theft

Now a days each one of us carries very high end or latest mobile devices which always fears that it may be lost or stolen.

UniQ Mobile Finder-Anti Theft will help you find your lost or stolen smartphone and protect your personal information from unwelcome intruders.

You can download the app using this link

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Find your lost phone, Find your lost…

7 thoughts on “Find your lost or stolen android phone using UniQ Mobile Finder-Anti Theft

  1. Hi sir, nice video….Please help this poor programmer….PlEaSe ReAd ThE bElOw MeSsAgE. I have a developed an android app which does the same stuff, infact more good stuff. Wiperoid is an android app which helps to locate, locak, erase data, ring your lost mobile just with an SMS. Wiperoid dont require any internet connection to work unlike Android device manager which only works when there is internet. Wiperoid has a trending and awesome feature " When you lose your mobile, thief will remove your SIM and insert his own sim. Wiperoid will send an SMS alert to your alternate number about thief's SIM number, location etc". It also have emergency alert for women, which sends SMS to all relatives in case of danger.Soon I am coming up with File encryption feature. App is at @ …. I request you to kindly show our app in your video series. Please help this poor programmer. I will provide more details if needed. THANK YOU

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