BMW F32 435i AvinUSA Gen2 10.25 android display install DIY

This is the full install of the new 2nd generation (or G2) of the AvinUSA Android 10.25 touch screen display. While I will also show swapping out the original G1 of the display, the video will also work just as well if you are changing from the OEM display.

I am really impressed with this product from Avin and the 2nd gen is even better than before. The UI is smooth and responsive, sound is crisp and clean, and the install is very simple with only one tool needed.

All in all this is a…

12 thoughts on “BMW F32 435i AvinUSA Gen2 10.25 android display install DIY

  1. I have just received my back up camera with the wireless transmitter. I am having trouble plugging it into the unit because there is a blue wire, a Yellow plug, and a red wire, but not black wire for the ground wire to hook up with.

  2. Thank you for another great DIY guide! Why doesn't you have to plug the aux cable for sound in the android system? Does it have to do with the year of model, pre Lci and Lci?

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