BMW F32 435i AvinUSA 2nd gen 10.25” android display review

This is the full review of the new 2nd generation AvinUSA 10.25” android touch screen display. Avin has really improved the product, and it is now faster, more responsive and has better connectivity.

This display will replace the existing OEM unit in your car, and still mirror all of the iDrive functionality, but then also add full touchscreen android compatibility. This means navigation, apps, streaming music, plus integration points for forward facing cameras or aftermarket backup…

20 thoughts on “BMW F32 435i AvinUSA 2nd gen 10.25” android display review

  1. Can the default music player from the tiles automatically load spotify?

    Also can you use the idrive controller everywhere? As I don't want to use the touchscreen. For example when using spotify of google maps I want to type text and get all controls through the idrive controller

    Please let me know.

  2. Hi, i bought a Gen 2 unit in Dec, then it stopped working after a few weeks. AVIN finally sent me SD card update to restore unit back to working condition. So, i have done that and it is working again, but the issue is the option to choose ID6 UI from Factory > Modes Set is no longer there. So, i can only have new EVO system which you got before in your Gen 1 unit. Do you how to get the latest ID6 UI back in my Gen 2? Thank you!

  3. I have a 2014 428i with the 6.5 screen with no navigation. I want Apple car play to with this unit when I buy it. Is it really necessary for me to get the aux and the gps antenna or do I not need it. ?

  4. Hi Steph, great video, thanks for doing this series, I've ordered my gen2 AVIN and looking forward to installing next week. I plan to use the Android Auto like you demonstrated, but a little curious about how I should plan to set it up. I have the factory bluetooth/phone but not sure if the mic for the android auto coming from the AVIN or the phone or the factory bluetooth? Also, can you use the factory mic button to trigger the assistant in Android Auto?

  5. What a great product, and awesome review. Could you perhaps talk a little more about customizing the UI maybe try installing a skin? A lot of the tiles doesn’t seem useful if you don’t have the corresponding hardware. I don’t have dvr in my car, would i be able to change the tiles to something more meaningful for me? Again awesome videos, thx for making them.

  6. I have a e92 335xi with CIC Nav. I would like this larger unit/screen. Do you think this 10.25" unit could fit more mounted to the edge and the rest of the dash rather than recessed into the inner dome? Not sure the measurements of the unit and how much space it takes up on the back of the unit. But would like to modify the dash to fit this one like the e92 guys do with the dash with no nav, but doing it with my dash with the smaller nav. Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for this wonderful review. I’m planning to get one for my 2012 E70. First I would like to heard you opinion regarding the quality of the screen vs the Canadian Company that also sells a similar system. Second, is about the fitment, after the installation is gonna looks like OEM screen? Do I need to specified that I want a second generation screen or this standard at the moment.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Did they bother updating the Bluetooth chip to something more like 4+? I find it's my biggest issue with all these stock and aftermarket systems.

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